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Lightings, a century of evolution and design

At the end of the 19th century, thanks to many experiments started begun the 18th century by many scholars such as Alessandro Volta, Michael Faraday, André-Marie Ampère and James Clark Maxwell, electricity gradually replaced all the others lighting mediums in domestic and public spaces and overshadowed the petrol lamps and fire and gas lighting. Indeed, [...]

The Japonism

Japonism, from the French word "Japonisme" is the name given to the passion for Japan in decorative arts at the end of the 19th century. This term is used for the first time in 1872 by the art critic Philippe Burty (1830-1890). In hindsight, it’s possible to temporally limit this movement from the end of [...]

The story of les Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen

The Term “Les Puces” is a French name, almost equivalent of a flea market, but referring to a specific antique Market in France, in the Saint-Ouen city, probably the most important Antiques Market of the world with the high quality of second-hand furniture, antiques or vintage, and also many art objects. At the 19th century, [...]

Maison Jansen

Siège Jansen, rue Royale, vers 1970 © Acanthus Press Maison Jansen, founded in 1880 by the Dutch Duke Jean-Henri Jansen, was a French interior design firm which also produced furniture. Still today, this house benefits from a huge reputation thanks to its international elite clients during all the 20th century, which permitted to forge itself [...]

Chintzes : Italians mezzari and French Jouy canvas

A chintz, equivalent of the French word « Indian », is inspired by Indian « palampores » (or palempores) from the Hindi « palang », meaning « bed » and Persian « push » meaning « to cover » ; it’s a large cotton canvas, printed with ornamental motifs, mostly flowered. Palampore Indien (Coromandel), début XVIIIème siècle, MET Museum   Palampores and printed cotton origins   Palampores [...]

Sculpted animals in enameled sandstone by Valérie Courtet

An invation to touch - Interview with Valérie Couret Through eyes and fingertips Valérie Courtet’s sculptures should be considerate. This invitation to touching proposed by the French animal sculptor has an artistic identity, firmly original and pioneering. Her creations, exhibited in our boutiques, spark visitors’ interest. In order to consider what is actually behind each [...]

Fête Galante Paintings and Louis XV’s Reign

1. Carle Van Loo, La halte de chasse, 1737 © Musée du Louvre/A. Dequier - M. Bard Carle Van Loo, La halte de chasse, 1737 (*The hunting halt) (1).   We are proposing a 19th century reproduction of La halte de chasse (1737) by Charles-André, called Carle, Van Loo (1705-1765), a famous painter of the [...]

Maison Charles

In 1908, Maison Charles is born thanks to Ernest Charles that takes over the Maison ULLMANN, bronzier. The company only uses bronze and first specialize itself in the former lightings reproduction, an activity that allows it to build a strong reputation among art bronziers. All craftsmen joining Maison Charles are graduated from the most prestigious [...]