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Pair of Louis XVI style sconces in gilded bronze, circa 1880


Pair of Louis XVI style sconces, with three gilt bronze lights, decorated with leaves, a fire pot, a garland and sconces.

French work realized circa 1880.

Dimensions : H 50 x L 39 x P 23 cm

Reference : LS5354533B

In lighting, the wall lamp is an ornament equipped with a candlestick (or lamp) mounted on one or more branches and which hangs on the wall. In general terms, the applique designates ornamental motifs attached and fixed to the surface of an object. We thus know the wooden panel decorated with bronze sconces, the branches of lights, candelabra whose horizontal stem ends in an ornamental pattern, and which are applied, fixed on vertical surfaces, in the middle of panels, paneling, pilasters, etc. The use of torches, ancestors of the wall lamp, is ancient. In the 16th century, they were called arm-of-lights because of their primitive form of an outstretched arm that seemed to come out of the wall and held a light in its closed fist. Sconces then became very fashionable in the 18th century. Their form changed from the rockery, to the sheath and the more classic baluster. The greatest founders and engravers of appliques of this period were Meissonnier, Germain and Gouthières.

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Dimensions 23 x 39 x 50 cm