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Pair of lamps in porcelain of céladon and bronze, circa 1880


Pair lamps of celadon porcelain and gilt bronze. Cracked ceramic in beige color. Base and mount in gilt and chiseled bronze.

Dimensions : H 68 x D 16 cm

Reference : LS46031082

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Celadon designates both a color and a type of ceramic specific to China and the Far East. “Celadon Green”: it’s a color name designating a shade of green. Celadon is particularly appreciated in Asia, because it allows to obtain the color of jade, the sacred stone. The name celadon is today almost always associated with porcelain, usually Chinese. In French, the origin of the word comes from Honoré d’Urfé’s novel L’Astrée (17th century), one of whose characters, Céladon, a shepherd, wears green ribbons

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