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Desk – or secretary, cylinder, in mahogany. Late 18th century period.


Desk – or secretary – with cylinder, in mahogany. The body opens with two small handles decorated with gadroons to a convex quarter-cylinder flap revealing a paper holder with in the center three small drawers covered in green leather with its fine golden edging decorated with waves and triangles and a sliding tray covered in the same leather. The tier topped with black portor gold marble with its openwork gallery opens with three drawers, the belt with two rows of drawers provides an indentation in the center, and opens to a large trompe l’oeil drawer and two small drawers. Tapered and fluted feet. Circular-shaped handles decorated with concentric circles, gilded bronze locks and sabots. Has three keys.

Dimensions: H 112 x W 77 x D 50 cm

Reference: LS59071458C

The roll-top desk is a secretarial desk whose flap placed on top takes the shape of a quarter of a cylinder. This convex flap in the shape of a cylindrical section, descends to close and rises to sink into the top of the furniture to open. This rounded shutter is made up either of several slats or of a single panel. The roll top desk was born in the 18th century during the time of Louis XV. He then took the name of secretary with a belly. Indeed, around 1760, Oeben invented a mechanism for the King’s office, no longer a flap but a rolling cylinder with slats. Thanks to Riesener, the slatted system is replaced by a semi-cylindrical flap that is pulled to cover the table. Thus was born the classic Louis XVI cylinder, roller or drum desk. Cabinetmakers will produce them in the Regency, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. Technically, for the writing tablet and the cylinder to continue to function effortlessly, the use of quality, perfectly dry wood and the accuracy of the cuts, particularly the grooves, are mandatory.


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Dimensions 50 x 77 x 112 cm



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