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Carle Van Loo, La halte de chasse (1737), Oil on canvas, 19th century


After Carle Van Loo, La halte de chasse (1737) (in english « The hunting halt »).

Large oil on canvas with a black lacquered frame with gilt molded highlights representing a lunch in the forest during a halt in a hunting party of the 18th century.

The forest is painted like 17 th century Dutch landscapes and we can see different characters. In the middle, slightly on the left, the main couple is richly dressed and is having a lunch while flirting. Behind them, there are some victuals on a wide white tablecloth; all around, men dressed in a more practical way are served by servants, one of them is colored and is wearing a turban, sign of the wealthiness of the characters represented. To the right, on the foreground, a sat man is staring dreamily the pack mule who is being filled and prepared to go back, before him, dogs are waiting patiently.
On the background, horses are resting attached to a tree while some riders are still in action in the deep background.

Rework of the 19th century, French school.

This Van Loo canvas is a perfect example of Fêtes Galantes paintings, scenes that have grown all along the Louis XV reign with some other artists such as Watteau or Boucher. The painting is also a tribute to the Louis XV passion for hunting. The little History likes to relate that the main couple might be King Louis XV … and one of his mistress!
For further information about this painting and the Fêtes Galantes paintings under Louis XV, click here.

Dimensions : H 170 x W 190 x D 10 cm.

Reference : LS38515491

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Dimensions 10 x 190 x 170 cm