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Regency style mirror in carved and gilded wood. 1950s.


Regency style carved and gilded wooden mirror decorated with acanthus leaves, scrolls and scrolls and violin shape.

French work from the Napoleon III period, circa 1880.

Dimensions: H 100 x W 64 x D 10 cm

Reference: LS553535AD

The Regency style is a style of furniture which dates from approximately 1715 to 1723, the period of the regency of Philippe d’Orléans during the minority of Louis XV. It succeeds the Louis XIV style and precedes the Louis XV style. The main materials used are oak, beech, walnut, fir, poplar, blackened pear, exotic, Asian and African woods imported by the East India Company. Veneering, marquetry, gold leaf gilding and mercury-gilded bronzes are the most widespread techniques during this period. Concerning the ornaments, the decorative motifs are:

background games: grids, diamonds
human motifs: españalette (originally from the bronze sculptor Cressent), female masks
animal motifs: monkeys, shells, bat
wings plant motifs: palmette, sunflower, gadrooned leaves, acanthus leaves
geometric patterns of Boulle marquetry
exotic patterns: peacock feather, pagodas

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Dimensions 10 x 64 x 100 cm