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Painted canvas figuring a Chinese dignitary, contemporary work


Painted canvas figuring a front portrait of a Chinese dignitary on a gilt background. He wears a pink coat with a round collar and large sleeves, a white fabric covering the neck and a black belt with a gilt buckle. He is capped by a hat with horizontal wings on sides with geometrical motifs. He wears a moustache and a long beard.

Linen raw canvas hand-painted with natural pigments and background gilt with copper leaf. Canvas stretched thanks to two wood sticks and the lower one is removable, permitting to roll it for the shipping. 

French contemporary work. 

Dimensions : H 220 x W 120 cm.

Canvas figuring Chinese dignitaries have precise criteria. The person represented has to be in a front motionless posture with clothes matching to his function / society rank. The expression of the face stays neutral but in the same time has to be realistic to recognize the dignitary.
The dignitary wears a short clothes which the collar crossed, done with cotton or silk and sometimes considered as an underwear. Over it, he is wearing a dress with a round collar and lateral flaps generally used by officials, nobles and the high rank persons. Finally, the dignitary wears a mandarin hat called “WuShaMao” recognizable by its horizontal wings fixed on the hat back, usually whore by officials only.

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Dimensions 220 x 120 cm


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