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Oil on canvas representing a harvest. Eighteenth century.


Oil on canvas representing a picking scene, or genre scene, in a rural atmosphere, some characters picking fruit, others holding flowers in their hands. A character balancing on his ladder picks a fruit from a tree and holds a basket, another prepares to pick it up if it is handed to him or if it falls. In the center of the composition, a lady or elegant woman and a man hold small bouquets of flowers, which seems to animate the two other figures surrounding them,  the man also holding a rake. In the foreground, we can see a wicker basket loaded with flowers. To the left of the composition, we can see a terracotta orange tree container. In the background, we can see the tower of a castle or a keep, round in shape, as well as a stormy sky. Two trees punctuate the composition. The characters are dressed in typically 18th century clothing, the men wearing buttoned jackets, silk stockings and flat shoes with buckles and the women wearing dresses, corsages and high-heeled pumps or mules.

Finely beaded gilded wood frame, in the typical Louis XVI style.

French work from the 18th century.

Finely beaded gilded wood frame, in the typical Louis XVI style.

Dimensions: H 187 x W 124 x D 4 cm

Reference: LS55511709Z

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Dimensions 4 x 124 x 187 cm