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Dan Hôo, Rug, or tapestry, in wool. Contemporary work


Danhôo, signed.

Rug, or tapestry, abstract and in beige tones, made from acrylic on action painting canvas. Hand-knotted and made of wool.

On command. Will be an artist’s proof numbered II/IV. Area: 7,.28 square meters. Density: 983.920 knots.

Collaboration between the artist Danhôo and artisans.

Will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity!

Dimensions: H 280 x W 251 cm

Danhôo (1966) is a French artist of Chinese origin who settled in Paris in 1983 and rubbed shoulders with many artists from whom he would later draw inspiration: Olivier Debré, Erro, Combas, Antonio Segui, etc. He is inspired by the patterns of Chinese calligraphy, places ideograms on the white canvas and then works with large flat areas of color by flow giving a painting with relief and cracks, very inspired by Dripping and All Over by Jackson Pollock. He wishes to transcribe his emotions through his art by creating a world oscillating between magic and energy, a different depth and ranges of light for each of his paintings.

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Dimensions 251 x 280 cm