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Louis XVI style chandelier in gilt bronze and crystal, circa 1900


Louis XVI style chandelier, said Petit Trianon model with a gilt bronze structure and 8 fires. Model with a crowning supporting bronze rods slightly curved and fixed on a large gilt bronze ring on which 8 swags of crystal tassels in shape of rosettes, pears and beads plus 4 gilt bronze chains with rectangular links that holding two circles each one composed of two gilt-bronze rings framing a rank of crystal pears tassels. The 8 arm lights are fixed on the lower ring.
The structure is also composed of a gilt bronze central shaft covered by cut crystal. Chandelier ending with a not faceted crystal ball.
Rich ornamentation of crystal tassels in form of drops, rosettes and swags of pears and beads.

Work realized circa 1900, very close in its shape to a model housed in the large dining room of the château du Petit Trianon of Marie-Antoinette. New and functional electrical system.

Dimensions : H 110 x D 80 cm.


The château du Petit Trianon, built by the Louis XV architect, Jacques-Ange Gabriel, was achieved in 1768; it constituted a perfect example of neoclassical architecture and of the “à la grecque” trend that was spreading in all the Europe. It was rarely used under the Louis XV reign, but Louis XVI offered it to his young wife Marie-Antoinette and became her favorite place to live in. She did exterior construction works such as creating an Anglo-Chinese garden to replace the botanical garden of Louis XV. Breaking with the protocol, this chateau was “the queen” chateau, a place where the King only came to diner as a simple guest. She received her personal guests and her intimate friends there and created a hedonistic lifestyle that was apparently simpler, more bucolic and close to nature. In fact, this way of life was still luxurious but allowed the Queen to have singular freedom, far from the Court conventions.

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Dimensions PxLxH 80 x 80 x 110 cm

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