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Faceted star-shaped mirror, contemporary work

2600,00 1800,00

Star shaped mirror with facets. It’s composed of a first eight-pointed star topping two overlapped twelve-pointed stars.
French contemporary work.

Work with the star motif is obviously very decorative, especially regarding the use of several facets. Eight-pointed star, also called octogram, as a few symbolism meanings. This star is sometumes called the Andalousian star because it’s very common on the hispano moorish architecture ; indeed in the Islam, it’s said that eight angels support God’s throne, that’s why the eight number is so repeated in architecture and decorative motifs of this period and area. More widely, octogram can be seen has the doubling of the four-pointed star : it’s a reference to the mixing of the fourth elements, air, earth, water, fire and also to the cardinal points (main and intermediary). Finally, in many civilizations, octogram is directly linked to the Sun.

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Dimensions PxLxH 7 x 108 x 116 cm