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Lamp in Satsuma earthenware, circa 1880


Conic-shaped lamp in a fine Satsuma golden and creme earthenware. Body adorned with various floral and vegetal motifs where intertwine samourai scenes. On the collar and base of the lamps, differents geometric motif are represented. Lining in gilt bronze.

Work realized circa 1880.

New and functionnal electric system.

Dimensions : H 100 x D 24 cm

Reference : LS4414611


Satsuma earthenware appeared at the 16th century in Japan on Satsuma lands. This kind of ceramics is characterized by a wide range of shapes evolving through time and ovens used. Two types of Satsuma exist: White background Satsuma and black background.  Blacks were more frequently used for tea ceremonies and keeping some liquids such alcohols. Satsuma potters developed circa 1800 a sophisticated polychrome enamel technique in orange and red shades and quickly add into it gilt highlights, the whole ensemble was later the most Satsuma style known, named the  « Brocade », widely produced during the MEIJI period (1868-1912).

Decorative patterns are inspired by Kano school paintings in vegetal, animals and human representations but are also combined with abstract geometrical patterns. The composition is often emphasis without a lot of space and loves to play with accumulation of enamels and gilt highlights, conveying a certain way of richness to the ware.

Japanese items are exposed for the 1st time in a main Occidental exhibition during the Exposition Universelle of 1867 and the Satsuma’s earthenware have a lot of success and are very much represented during the 1878 edition.

Satsuma’s earthenware are still produced today, in the respect of tradition and quality that made Satsuma one of the most important Japanese ceramics reference.

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Dimensions PxLxH 100 cm