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Lamp in porcelain of Samson, 1950s


Manufacture Samson, attributed to. 

Porcelain lamp of the Samson manufacture, composed of an ovoid vase surrounded by five Japanese figures on a rocky ground. Base and cover in gilded bronze and adorned with gadrooned and foliated friezes.The scalloped-shaped base rests on four tops in the shape of a top. The body of the vase is decorated with polychrome plant and floral motifs on a white background. The characters are represented in traditional Japanese clothes. 

Work realized circa 1880. 

New and functional electrical system.

Dimensions : H 65 x W 20  x D 17 cm

Reference : LS4462451 

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The Maison Samson was founded in 1845 by Edme Samson, who settled in Paris as a painter on white porcelains bought from several factories, as Sèvres. Whereas the studio already exported its products, the taste for the old-fashioned styles made the imitation fundamental for the studio. Since 1863, Edme’s son Emile joined the company and they presented Japanese old-fashioned style porcelains at the Universal Exhibition. From 1879, the studio became a factory as it relocated in Montreuil, in Paris suburbs, whereas the Parisian shop became a museum and a showroom. Emile’s son, Léon joined the company in 1891. Under his leadership, it grouped 125 workers on 1400 m2. The situation became more and more difficult in the 20th century, especially after WWII, when old-fashioned styles lost interest. The company was finally bought in 1964 and ceased its production in 1980. The pieces, molds and models were dispersed and the factory was destroyed, only three ovens are preserved and registered on the French historic buildings list.

Sources :

R. de Plinval de Guillebon, Faïence et porcelaine de Paris. XVIIIe-XIXe, 1995, Editions Faton

F. Slitine, Samson, génie de l’imitation, 2002, Editions Charles Massin

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Dimensions 17 x 20 x 65 cm