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Pair of gouaches flowers bouquets, late 19th century


Pair of framed gouaches on paper representing each one a flowers bouquets in a vase put on marble support and composed of peonies, dahlias, eyelets, tulips, periwinkles, forget-me-not, etc, in the style of Dutch still lifes from the 17th century. Two butterflies are flying around one of the two bouquets.

Gouaches on paper are framed with a beige matting and a molded Louis XVI gilt wood frame decorated with a frieze of pearls.

Work realized in the late 19th century.

Dimensions : H 76 x W 59 cm.

Reference : LS3555601


Still lifes and mostly flowers basket are an interesting subject because the flowers selection was in reality determinate by a specific and precise symbolic. For example, the tulip is a richness and power symbol (cf the “tulipomania” episode and the following financial crisis in 1737). Some flowers and other stuff can also evocates the Christianity : the butterfly is a spirituality symbol and associated with the soul and the Christian salvation; eyelets “flower of God” evocates the Passion of Christ because of their nail shape, but also fidelity, as the periwinkles, which are also associated to the worship of Virgin Mary.

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Dimensions 2.5 x 59 x 76 cm


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