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The Great Tilery of Bourgogne, Montchanin

Wednesday 11 May 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Two bas-reliefs in plaster from the end of the 19th century representing Autumn and Spring.

This two bas-reliefs are very close to the pair according to decorate the fountain erected in honour of Louis XV, located rue de Grenelle in Paris sculpted by Edmé Bouchardon in 1745. The fountain was destined to provide clean water in this parisan area.

Our two bas-reliefs are from the end of the XIXth century. They come from the Great tilery of Bourgogne, in the middle east of France and located in the city of Montchanin.

They are very close of models from the same series who are reproduced in the catalogue of the Tileries Union of the Center dated 1903 and named « Pannels in terracotta : Four seasons by Bouchardon ». The Great Tilery has reproduce the bas relief of the royal fountain in rue de Grenelle in Paris.

The Great Tileries of Bourgogne was part of the Tileries Union of the Center who gathered thirty ceramic companies located in the middle east of France. One catalogue was edited to show their work. This corporation lasted until 1906.

Charles Avril started to develop the ceramic industry from the tilery mecanic already there since 1858. This company worked until 1967 and has been one of the most important french tilery.

The Great Tilery developed three productions : tiles, artistic potteries and architectural ceramics used to decorate the bourgeois facade like our four bas-reliefs.

This company architectural ceramic speciality permited to realised high quality of creation rooted from the french sculpture history.

Artists from the second part of the XIXth century such as Noël Ruffier or Henri Serviat also worked to devellop new terracotta creations.

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