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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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A blue polyurethane dining table. Large circular top, this table is standing on a column which ending in a puddle form base. This table sculpture is a Louis DUROT creation.

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Table de salle à manger Louis Durot
(Longueur) : 274 cm (Hauteur) : 72cm (Profondeur) : 133 cm

In the 60’s, the Cultural Revolution is underway and contemporary art is booming. Different artistic movements emerge and develop: Pop Art with Andy WHAROL, figurative movement inspired by consumer society or New Realism by Yves KLEIN and his use of daily life objects. Contemporary Art inspires innovative and unexpected creations.

Louis DUROT, born in 1939 in Paris, is a chemical engineer. He will succeed in Art world and more especially in sculptural field. He exploits every plastic attributes and uses them in Contemporary Art.

In 1964, DUROT meets the famous sculptor César BALDACCINI. Louis DUROT becomes his assistant to improve César plastic knowledge.

Between 1971 and 1974, he creates sculptures on extraterrestrial theme and a world populate of mushrooms and mysterious plants such as “Plante Carnivore”, a polyurethane chair.
The artist makes polyurethane his trademark: it’s a high technology material which mix nitrogen, oxygen and carbon.

Thanks to this resin, he creates work of art such as “adults art objects and toys”, “Saint-Siège” chair or “Hommage au Velvet” lighting.

This dining table was created in 1972. It has a resistance capacity to aging thanks to polyurethane properties, so it’s immutable. Its large dimensions make it as a decorative and useful piece of furniture.

In 1979, Louis DUROT exhibits, for the first time, at Batimat Salon which is about international innovations for buildings and architecture.
Then, in 1987, he exhibits in En Attendant les Barbares gallery.
Later, in 1993, he presents his work in New York at Troy and Lost City gallery.
In 1994, Louis DUROT will expose in Chicago.
Since 1998, he permanently exhibits in China, at contemporary fairs of Beijing and Shanghai. Recently, in 2005, he exposed at the famous Hugues Magen gallery in New York City.

This artist appreciated in the United Sates and considered as a “star” in China, is also an emblem of a French victorious Contemporary Art.

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