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Friday 4 March 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Since the XVth century, the cult of Saint Roch is very present in Europe. With many representations of this saint (sculptures, painting etc.) by many artists such as Le Tintoret, Carrache or Carlo Crivelli. Saint Roch is often depicted with a dog, loyal friend who brings him food during his waiting in the woods.

Born in Montpellier during the XVth century, he loses his parents quickly. He decides to go to Rome for pilgrimage, he is 20 years old. He splits his inheritance between poor people and his uncle.

In Rome, he helps many people who are sick with the plague. He catches plague himself and decide to go back in Montpellier. During his trip back, he goes to a forest for waiting death and he’s cured by an angel.

When he arrives in Montpellier, he dicover that a civil war tear apart his city. The new governor, his uncle, make him arrested and throw him to jail where he’ll die few years later.

Saint Roch is the perfect example of the suffering servant. He is often represented with his plague injury on his thigh.

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