Cabinetmaker and designer

Wednesday 25 November 2015, by Webmaster

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Comes from Iran where he achieved a Master degree in Genetic sciences. When he arrived in France he decided to pursue his career in arts and to follow his profession of his passion and dreams which is art of wood. Therefore, after several years of experiments with different types of wood he established his wood workshop in Dordogne (South-East of France), he was admitted in outstanding Ecole Boulle in Paris to boost his knowledge in contemporary cabinet making.
With a creative mind, he gained skills and techniques of perspective drawing under the supervision of some of the best’s artisans of the Ecole Boulle, and that introduced him to interior architecture, spaces creation and furniture designing.
Because of his perfect knowledge of the furniture’s styles, he is able to create spaces in any desired style, or to propose new and modern creations.

Persian, Kurdish, French, English