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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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Charming little cabinet between two period, connected in thin dovetail evidence of work of the highest quality. Four feet sheaths, opening onto a large door and a drawer. Precious decorations gilt bronze such as ribbons, strips, scrolling foliage and a wide and high style medallion fine Wedgwood porcelain with birds decorations (typical of the work of this cabinetmaker) surmounting the attributes of hunting. bevelled corners. G.DURAND stamped on the left rear pillar. marble top.

Gervais-Maximilien DURAND

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(Longueur) : 57,5cm (Hauteur) : 107 cm (Profondeur) : 31,5 cm

Gervais-Maximilien Durand was a famous Parisian cabinetmaker of the nineteenth, born in Paris July 30, 1839 he moved to the 12 Orchard street then 23 Beautreillis street and finally into the former Hotel de Sully at 62 Saint Antoine street.

exceptional craftsman, he quickly became famous, he participated in the 1889 Universal Exhibition for which he won a silver medal. According to the report of A.PICARD "M.DURAND, cabinetmaker as clever as modest, exhibited for the first time of the first order furniture, which he is both the designer and performer, he walks on path traced by masters such as BEURDELEY or DASSON ".

He is best known for his exceptional furniture pieces made for Countess of Biecourt to his Paris apartment. These furniture, executed under drawings of the same countess herself are outstanding examples of the expertise of a skilled craftsman. We note in particular a pair of support height furniture with masks, trophies and dolphins kept in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Lyon.

Considered as a master of the traditional woodworking, Gervais Durand is one of those craftsmen who, without reinventing forms or styles, sublimated the eighteenth models with a pursuit of perfection unequaled lines.

Known for its simple and robust construction, the Working of DURAND Gervais is also characterized by its rigor which is accompanied by a search in the forms and in balanced proportions. DURAND Gervais is also famous for his porcelain decorations to small furniture.

After producing one of the best cabinet makers of the nineteenth, the furniture we offer is quite typical of the work of DURAND, outstanding design quality, simple but refined, this small piece of furniture is the perfect example of prodigious work provides a handful of engineering in the nineteenth century cabinet makers.

DURAND Gervais’s creations are highly prized by collectors and sometimes present at auctions: October 28, 2009, Sotheby’s London, a support height furniture in mahogany and gilt bronze was awarded 26 250 GBP. Another cabinet between two period, simpler mahogany was awarded 12 500 USD November 24, 2007 at Sotheby’s NYC.

DURAND FILS, Prosper Guillaume

Son of Louis, he worked with his father and succeeded him between 1834 and 1838. He was a cabinetmaker and quoted by the king as a "young manufacturer of the highest promise." He studied in Italy the larger models of art. He also became an upholsterer and executed the hangings apartment, he served until 1862.

At the Exhibition of the products of French industry in 1834, he presented a wooden furnishing Angika wood which was praised by some and criticized by others. Nevertheless he gets a bronze medal. In 1839, the consignment that consisted of a library, made him get a silver medal.

For more information see: The French furniture of the nineteenth century- dictionary cabinetmakers and carpenters. Denise Ledoux-Lebard. Ed. Of de l’amateur.

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