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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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La maison E.COLIN et Cie est née en 1882, après que Emile COLIN eut racheté l’entreprise E.VIE et Cie. Dès le départ, l’entreprise dispose d’un solide capital de 1 100 000 francs.

Colin stays at 29 rue Sevigne and receives 1125 francs.

A year later, COLIN created a new company keeping the same company name, this is the definitive birth of the company Emile COLIN and Co. The house COLIN essentially repeats publishing models CARPEAUX. COLIN notably works with two collaborators VESPIERRE and HAAN the chaser.

The house rose the fame in particular for its adorned bronzes chandeliers composed by ROZET or MARIOTON.

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(hauteur) 39cm x (largeur) 22cm x (profondeur) 13cm

It is notable that the house COLIN open an ephemeral deposit for electrical lighting fixtures to 32 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.

COLIN made also statues like the works of sculptor CARPENTIER as "The Song", "The improviser". Presented to the 1893 Salon, these sculptures will meet a great success. But the house COLIN made also monumental groups, such as "DIDEROT" Jean GAUTHERIN placed boulevard Saint Germain in Paris.

Emile COLIN retired in 1898 and replaced by members of his family, from that moment, the name becomes M.COLIN and Co. Emile COLIN himself dies in 1899.

After that, the house COLIN pass to buyout to buyout, it is especially crowned with a prize at the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Finally in 1923, the company take again the house name of COLIN. From 1939, the house COLIN becomes an antique shop until 1950, date of its final closure.

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