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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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Pair of gilt and silvered bronze lamps decorated standing on a large base in gilt bronze, work from the nineteenth century are signed GAGNEAU.

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(hauteur) 45cm x (largeur) 22cm

This pair of gilt bronze lamps comes from the production of the house GAGNEAU. This lighting factory is one of the most famous in Paris in the nineteenth century. It was created in 1839 by Edouard and François GAGNEAU under the name of GAGNEAU Brothers for the fabrication of oil lamps and bronzes. The company dissolved in 1852, Edouard rules alone the company until 1868. Then he was joined by his son Georges François Edouard to establish the company GAGNEAU Father and Son at 25 rue d’Enghien then moved to 115 rue Lafayette.

The house GAGNEAU participates in many exhibitions, including the great Universal Exhibition in 1878 for which it is the jury in the category of art bronzes. His son Georges François Edouard became president of the prestigious Union of bronzes manufacturers and pushes manufacturers to always challenge themselves to indicate the new current of ideas to follow.

Success is significant even abroad. So during the French exhibition in Moscow in 1891, the works of the house GAGNEAU are purchased by Tsar Alexander II himself and the Empress and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth.

The GAGNEAU lights fixtures are quite representative of the desire of alliance between art and industry, ideology then very popular in the nineteenth century. The participation of the house GAGNEAU at the Universal Exhibition is an opportunity to illustrate this alliance. In order to meet the desires of its customers constantly evolving the GAGNEAU house calls new talent such as the very popular sculptor, at that time : Frederick Eugene PIAT. Thus, for over twenty years, this association remained without cloud, without creasing, narrowing to privacy the closest between the two men and affirming their mutual devotion. They were able to show in touching terms that the heart is talent.

The GAGNEAU house specializing in lights fixtures provided the most authentic testimonies of high quality of metal, in the nineteenth century, by the grace of the inexhaustible imagination of this unique house in its kind.

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