The eye of the collector by Jean-luc Ferrand


Friday 29 December 2017, by Barbara Cogollos

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Pair of gilt an chiseled bronze « crown » chandeliers with decor of leaves. 12 lights with bobbles hanging.
In 1908, Ernest Charles takes over the Ullmann bronze works. The company, then located at 103 Rue de Turenne in Paris, has earned a reputation in the professional bronze art community for its reproductions of ancient lamps.
In 1960, Emile-Albert Charles and his two sons, Jean et Jacques, develop the "Charles Style," a blend of classicism, precision, and contemporary touches that represents a new approach to lighting and decor. Their work includes a number of famous lamps. The Charles family takes over Fargette and moves to a new location at 16 Rue du Parc Royal, in the Marais neighborhood, carrying on a collection rich in style. The family, already with the help of Chrystiane Charles, designs the most emblematic pieces of the collection (including the famous Ananas, Mais, Pomme de Pin, Lotus, and Vase Médicis lamps), creating a fresh style in the field of lighting and decor. In 1971, Chrystiane Charles, Jean’s wife and a Beaux Arts gold medalist sculptor, becomes Artistic Director at Charles and creates her eponymous collection. The pair of chandeliers we present is an adaption of this research of realistic decor such as the leaves. In 1978, Chrystiane Charles design, the Feuille d’Eau lamp, wins the LAMPE D’OR design award at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DU LUMINAIRE DE PARIS. She also wins the lampe d’or design award with Orchidée lamp at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DU LUMINAIRE DE PARIS.
In 1982, Laurent Charles, government-licensed architect, joins the company and creates a new line of contemporary/classic lamps, high-quality architectural pieces born out of a geometric, graphical approach to working with light.
In 1984, CHARLES, Bronze d’Art joins the Comité Colbert, a group of the leading French artistic and creative companies, confirming the brand’s reputation for quality.
During the 2000’s Michael Wagner who used to work for Maison Hermès, president of the company, buys Charles. The Charles workshops are moved to Saint-Denis (in the Paris region), taking over the former Christofle workshops. The iconic "Les Incontournables" catalog is published.
The reputation of this french high-quality savoir-faire fabric is well known, we can find pieces around the world and also in great historic parisian places such as at l’Assemblée Nationale, le Palais de l’Élysée or le château de Versailles. This design of chandelier is so timeless that Maison CHARLES is selling the same model for 23 244 euros.

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