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Friday 1 April 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Pair of armchairs with openwork back, designed by GUILLERME and CHAMBRON, Votre Maison edition.
Circa 1960.

Votre Maison Company, results from a meeting between two men, in the middle of Second World War: On a first hand a designer-decorator graduate from Ecole Boulle school in Paris, and on the other hand a painter-decorator graduate from the Applied Arts School in the city of Reims. When they came back in France after the War, the two men get back to their own activities: Robert GUILLERME in Lille and Jacques CHAMBRON in his workshop in Nollet Street. Nevertheless, CHAMBRON joined his friend in North of France few years after and so they start their company. Their project increases particularly in 1948 where they met Emile Dariosecp, owner of a furniture workshop looking for innovation. So, Dariosecp becomes furniture manufacturer of GUILLERMET and CHAMBRON. In 1949, they create together Votre Maison Company (69 bis rue Jean Jaurès, Ronchin, FRANCE): GUILLERME draws furniture and CHAMBRON handles client reception and relay the Company philosophy to them.

Indeed, the state of mind of this business is defined as furniture of a high qualifies execution and with which we can live our daily lives. Harmony and coherence are the essential features of this furniture which symmetry and meticulousness form the majority of their art. Wood, leather, ceramics made a sincere and authentic production.

There is also the remarkable participation of Boleslaw Danikowski (1928-1979), the ceramist of the Company who products majority of ceramic tiles adorning GUILLERME and CHAMBRON furniture. His engagement was meaningful for the development of the Company, which counted fifty employees.

In 1983, when GUILLERME and CHAMBRON retires, Hervé CHAMBRON, son of Jacques, acquires Votre Maison Company. He draws and invents his own creation while keeping the design of his previous owner. Today, this Company is a 50-70 design reference. Votre Maison Company prospered until 2004.

The GUILLERME and CHAMBRON works are recognizable: with utilization of polished oak preferably bright which is a tannin reaction but also a deeper wood color on which he applies iron oxide. Moreover, he puts those parts together thanks to the fixing pin skill. This furniture privileged exposed wood.

GUILLERME and CHAMBRON create more than two thousands of models between 1949 and 2004. Today, this Company is an emblematic furniture’s creation figure of the 50’s. GUILLERME and CHAMBRON furniture opens to the American public recently and has several collectors in Europe.

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