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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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It has only limited informations on Daniel Vertangen. He was born in La Haye in 1598 and died in Amsterdam to 1684. He is a perfect example of the incredible talent of the many painters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting. Daniel Vertangen is best known for his religious compositions, its mythological subjects or landscapes. Throughout his career he feels a special affection for the mythological scenes; whether feast in which we find regularly the image of Bacchus, or the scenes of baths in which one finds the image of the Nymphs.

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Daniel VERTANGEN was born in La Haye (1598) and died in Amsterdam (1684). He’s one of the artists of The Dutch Golden Age. He’s the perfect example of the amazing talent of Dutch painters from XVIIth century. Daniel VERTANGEN is well known for his religious composition, his landscapes and especially mythological subjects (mostly with Bacchus and Ariane figures).

Vertangen was born in a wealthy family of Dutch aristocracy. He becomes the most famous and the most prolific pupil of the master Cornelis Van POELENBURGH, famous dutch artist. VERTANGEN was well known and quite popular during his life, in particular for the poetic subtlety of his landscapes. During all his life, he keeps a style dircetly inspired by his master. His landscapes and his compositions are inspired by his many travels accross Europe.

After his death, his success continued during one century. In 1754, MJB Descamps, director of Art school in Rouen, France, wrote : « The most beautiful compliment that we can say about VERTANGEN, is that we often confuse his work with his master’s painting ».

VERTANGEN’s works are exhibited in many museums such as Boston (Diane and nymph), Hamburg (Nymph in bath), La Haye (Bacchus celebration). A painting called « Festin de Bacchus et Ariane » exhibited at le Louvre Museum, is very close to our painting. Our version is probably a preliminary study. Many details are similar, characters, composition, subject, colors etc.

VERTANGEN was a great artist, very famous during his life and beyond.

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