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How to clean and polish silverware

Thursday 7 April 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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- A Dugay product "Argent longue durée." It is a product to clean and make shine solid silver and silvered metal.
It doesn’t spoil the silvered metal and remains efficient on the solid metal.
Other products exist to clean and mantain silverware like "Hagerty silver polish." You can find it on the Dugay’s website:

- A glass or a plastic cup to pour the product in it.

- A pair of gloves.

- A toothbrush to clean details inacessible.

- Clean cloths to remove the bulk of dirt. When it is too dirty, take a new one to avoid soiling.

- Cotton to polish the object. We obtain a deep and sustainable gloss.

Tip : start at the top to avoid burrs.

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