The eye of the collector by Jean-luc Ferrand


Wednesday 16 March 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Henri FERNANDEZ creations are unique and signed pieces. They combine brass, steel, copper or stainless steel mixed with semi-precious stones such as amethyst and agate. During the 70-80 years the blue agate was greatly appreciated. There was only one supplier of Agate at that time therefore explaining its rarity. The artist prefers cold materials to give them a shine and beauty uncommon in electrifying. Semi-precious stones come to magnify the work of the artist.

Henri FERNANDEZ was born in 1946. He began his career in metallurgy as an adjuster-milling. And during his free time, he devoted himself to the study of Fine Arts. He will work with great sculptors such as Alain CHERVET or Jacques DUVAL-BRASSEUR in his studio.

In the 1980s, an artist’s workshop named "Honoré de Paris" was created by Hubert Deniau, Richard and Isabelle Faure and offers decorative monumental objects inspired by the flora and fauna in a very realistic manner. These sculptures in welded copper plates with gold patina are the works of different artists who like to combine several minerals like amethyst geodes, agate slices or crystal rock in their creations. The workshop employed 40 artists. Its production knows an international success until 1992. This highly decorative aesthetic vein attracted at the same time, many artists such as Jacques DUVAL-BRASSEUR, Henri FERNANDEZ, Alain CHERVET, Christian TECHOUEYRES .. .

Henri FERNANDEZ is oriented specifically toward a decorative aesthetic to the delight of his admirers. After creating animals during the 70-80’s, fractal figures (chemical process giving a fragmented and glittery effect) or later paintings, his work is now on the music and instruments inspiration.

He makes full dining tables, coffee tables, lamps, fountains as well as decorative elements. Moreover, he is one of the few sculptors creating paintings on metals with semiprecious stones.

FERNANDEZ’s works are unique creations, he makes entirely by hand. The artist is constantly renewed himself. He changes the subject of his inspiration and he studies all the possibilities of brass.

This majestic parrot overcoming the clock that we present here reflects the work of the artist during the 70’s-80’s. His decorative vein inspired by the flora and fauna demonstrates his passion for the animal world. This unique work is adorned with large semiprecious stones giving it a highly decorative appeal. As to the light system, it reveals all the splendor and depth of the ultramarine agate.

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