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Franck Lloyd WRIGHT the CASSINA House

Wednesday 11 May 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Our set is a edition of an original creation signed by the famous american architect, Frank Lloyd WRIGHT and edited by the well-known edition manufacture CASSINA I MAESTRI ( finest productions of CASSINA Edition). The enamel, the wood and cushions are in fine condition.

The « BARREL » chair was originaly created in 1938 for the famous Herbert F. Johnson’s « Wingspread House ». The design of this piece is typical of F. L. WRIGHT’s style : simple shape with straight line, authentic materials and a perfect harmony of shape.

The « ALLEN » table was designed for the Texan Senator henry J. Allen’s house in 1918. It’s quiet interesting to see that, despite the gap of age, these two pieces go well together. This is the best illustration of WRIGHT’s genious.

Frank Lloyd WRIGHT was a talented architect, his furnitures, perfectly integrated in his houses is the best testemony of his skills for composition, aesthetics and arrangement.

This dinner set also illustrates WRIGHT’s particularity : He imagines new aesthetics, without the influence of european architecture and develops the very first american style in architecture.


During his childhood, Frank Lloyd WRIGHT is influenced by « Kindergarten gifts and occupation », a book wrote by F.Fröbel, inventor of kindergarten. Thanks to this book, young F. L. WRIGHT can visualize structure in geometrical forms.

In 1887, F. L WRIGHT moves to Chicago and works for the famous architect, Louis SULLIVAN. He is one of first to imagine a « modern » building made of steel and glass.

F. L. WRIGHT wanted to create a pure american style in architecture. Inspired by democracy and american society, he abandonned european styles and began to look for an architecture which would be made for a modern american citizen.

Influenced by transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s books, F. L. WRIGHT started to design an organic architecture. His realisations transcends simple houses to become a place made for the happinness of residents. He realized all sort of projects : Guggenheim museum (N.Y.C), Anderton Shop (Beverly Hills, CA) or the Falling Water House (Fayette County, PA).

From the early XXth century, F. L. WRIGHT created his famous style, the Prairie School, he dropped out the classical conception of a house (scelling, attic etc) and replaced them by an important hall. Other rooms were situated around this hall, because for him it was a center of the family’s life. The WRIGHT’s houses are always constucted to be perfectly integrated in the landscape where they are build.

Franck Lloyd WRIGHT was very sensitive to the nature and was looking forward to integrate it in his creations. In 1936, he wrote in the Architect Journal : « Buildings are also children of earth and sun » and « Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain ».

From 1913-1914, Franck Lloyd WRIGHT began to create his very own style of furniture. He was especially influenced by simple and geometrical forms like circle, square or triangle. His inspiration for furniture comes from ethnic, social or botanical tastes.

WRIGHT was designing specific furniture sets for each house he created. Made of wood, steel, without ornementation, WRIGHT’s furniture are designed with the same rules that his houses.

WRIGHT develops a science of shapes in all his creations. He was drawing out the shapes and always extended the volume of his houses.

WRIGHT’s succes is immortal.His furniture is now among the most popular and important in the world. Many pieces are sought by collectors.

The set that we offer is an excellent example of WRIGHT’s genious, his inspiration for the shapes, volumes and his taste for the straight line.


Cassina is a manufacturing company specialized in creation and edition of high-end designed furniture. It was created in 1927 by two brothers, Cesare and Umberto CASSINA in Brianza (Northern Italy). During this period of troubles and deep social disruptions, Cassina brothers were mostly offering affordable furniture, but their products were designed and handcrafted with talent so the success came immediately. CASSINA developped a network of partners and began to distribute and improve its fabrication quality accross all Europe. Very soon, the famous « Made in Italy » became a trademark of quality. In 1968, CASSINA created the subsidiary « CASSINA I MAESTRI », specialized in edition of high-end furnitures for wealthy clients. Our set comes from this subsidiary.

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