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The DENIERE house

Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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Beautiful gilded bronze clock, very finely chiseled, sphinx decors, acanthus branches and firepot, rests on a marble base supported by a base also in gilded bronze, richly ornated and signed DENIERE on the dial.

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(hauteur) 78cm x (largeur) 50cm x (profondeur) 22,5 cm

Jean François DENINGER known as DENIERE is born in 1774, at the begining of his career he is metal turner. Late XVIIIth century, he goes to a partnership with Thomas MATELIN. In 1808 they create a workshop named « DENIERE ET MATELIN ». They are specialized in small objects (clock, candelabra etc). Their artisanal craftsmanship make them famous for the quality of their realisation and alloy.

In 1817, DENIERE buy an apartment at 15 Rue de Vivienne in Paris, in the 2nd district. This apartment is also a shop. The workshop is still on Orlean’s street. In 1820, DENIERE breaks his partnership with MATELIN and keep making bronzes alone. DENIERE work with many different famous craftsmen. For example, DENIERE creates many clocks with the famous Jean François Théodore GECHTER (1796-1844). All this clocks are honored for the precision and the quality of their realisation. Then, DENIERE is choosen to realize important and prestigious commands : in 1819, DENIERE is one of the craftsmen who create young Bordeaux Duke’s pomp cradle, this cradle is conserved in Art Décoratifs Museum (photographic appendix). In 1825, DENIERE creates the gilded bronzes for Charles X’s consecration carriage (photographic appendix).

With industrialization, DENIERE begins to copy XVIIIth century furnitures and enlarges his customer base. Despite everything, DENIERE creations stay famous for their quality, their materials and their carving. At the same time, DENIERE creates furnitures or objects for prestigious commands : diplomatic gifts (like our clock), commands from royal or imperial families.
During all his career, DENIERE participates at the World’s Fair and other expositions. Particularly the exposition of objetcs of Industry (in 1823 and 1827) where he is rewarded by a gold medal. He is named Knight of Honnor Legion and finally Officer of Honnor Legion ( two prestigious decorations in France).
In 1843, Jean François DENIERE goes to a partnership with his son Guillaume DENIERE. Jean François DENIERE dies the August 19th in 1866 and leaves 722 266 francs to his son (a colossal sum of money, proof of his incredible success).

Guillaume DENIERE takes over of business with talent, customers and prestigious commands keep going. For example, the bronze group « Apollon and his Muses » at the top of Opera Garnier in Paris is made by DENIERE’s workshop. Guillaume DENIERE guarantees the success of DENIERE house until his death in 1903.

Our clock is one of the most exceptionnal creation of DENIERE house. It’s a copy of a model by Ferdinand BERTHOUD, marine clock maker of king Louis XVI. The quality of the bronze cut, the materials make this clock very rare. It is a very sophisticated model, symbol of perfect mastery of art handcrafts in the XIXth century.
This model has been bought by cabinet makers or decorators trought the time, such as François LINKE (reproduction in « François Linke, the Belle Epoque of french furnitures », by Christopher PAYNE for Antique collector’s club).

This prestigious model was present during an auction at Christie’s London, the 09/20/12 and has been sold 390 101 USD.

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