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How to discolor furniture

Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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- laundry St-marc
- brush in synthetic hairs
- resistant glass, metal or thick plastic jar
- pair of thick rubber gloves to protect his hand
- steel of wool: fine, medium or large. Choose the size depending on the type of wood to be stripped and degree of fouling. If you do not know, go for the average.
- clarifying complex or bleaching for wood
- hair dryer
- rag

Step by step

Step 1

Heat up 2L of water and pour two tablespoons of laundry St Marc and mix it.

Dip your brush in the mixture and brush wood.

Insist well on the details.

Rinse with clear water and sponge the excess with a rag.

Step 2

Make sure your furniture is dry. If necessary, sponge with a rag or use the hairdryer.

Pour the clarifying complex in the jar and apply it with a brush on the surface.

Step 3

Let it dry or use a hairdryer.

Rub the steel wool on all the furniture.

Use the brush to remove residue.

Enjoy the results !!