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How to strip furniture

Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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- A remover for wood. There are several brands on the market. We use the "decapex". It dissolves dirt.

- A brush in synthetic hairs, more resistant against remover. 5 cm long hairs. Section flat or round, whatever. It allows you to spread the remover especially in the hollow portions of the moldings and sculptures.

- A resistant glass, metal or thick plastic jar,

- A pair of thick rubber gloves to protect his hands, long sleeves and glasses to protect respectively forearms and eyes.

- Steel of wool. Fine, medium or large .... Choose the size depending on the type of wood to be stripped and degree of fouling. If you do not know, go for the average.

- A wire brush. The hairs should not be too thick so as not to dig the wood pores. Choose a brush with metal bristles soft and fine. Like the brush, it provides access to the hollow portions of the reliefs.

- A small metal blade, preferably flexible. You can use a cutter blade but a screwdriver with sharp and fine tip or a wood chisel will do nicely.

Step by step

Step 1

Using the brush, generously spread the remover on the area to be stripped.

Leave on for 10 min.

Step 2

Cut the steel wool with a scissor and made a ball that you can hold comfortably in hand.

With this ball, vigorously rub the part to be stripped in the wood grain and that in order not to scratch it. And yes wood have a sense. To find? it’s simple: observe the direction of his veins, these little imperceptible marks that characterize each type of wood. You do not get it? .... Even simpler: your friction must not cause scratch and your steel wool should not hang the wood.

For removing the hollow parts (sculptures and moldings) inaccessible with the steel wool, use a wire brush.

Step 3

Using the small scraper, clean the grooves and remove the residues on relief.

Sweep up dust.

Rinse the stripped part with a degreasing agent and volatile such as acetone.

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