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DELFT earthenware inspired by Johannes VAN DUYN

Thursday 17 March 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Pair of vases with baluster shape with rich plant decor, superb polychromy at the low fire and at the great fire signed under the base "VDUYN". Remarkable work of Delft nineteenth’s work inspiring by the earthenware creations of the masetr Johannes Van DUYN’s work in the eighteenth century

In the taste of ceramist Johannes Van Duyn owner from 1764 to 1772 of one of the most famous factories in Delft named "The Porcelain Dish." Founded in 1612 by the family who Pennis yields to Johannes Van Duyn in 1764, the earthenware dish will remain one of the jewels of the production of Delft until its closure in 1800.

The factory will stay in the Van Duyn family until that date after which his brother Ysbrand Van Duyn will resume the business. The signing of the productions will differ, Ysbrand wil incorporate a Y to the signature of his brother.

The vases that we propose are a perfect example of the expertise of Delft masters of the nineteenth century which resumed production in the eighteenth.

Their arched shape, polychromy reliefs sustained, the low and the great fire, and the freshness of the colors are evidence of a high working range and high quality.

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