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CRUCHET Michel-Victor (1815- ? )

Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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As a renowned sculptor, he built several constructions on a ground he bought and settled there during the Second Empire. He worked with the cabinet-makers Ringuet-Leprince, Thuiller and Maigret. He was a supplier of the Garde-meuble during Louis-Philippe’s and the Duke of Nemour’s reigns, but he was especially the official sculptor of Eugénie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III. She entrusted him the care of executing copies of the antique furniture preserved in the Garde-meuble. Sometime, she also demanded him to enrich the antique seats with additional motives. He was one of the first sculptors to use the cardboard-stone in the interior design.

His biggest moment of glory is undoubtedly "the decoration in 1856 of the sitting room of the emperor in the Orangery at Saint-Cloud. Author of the ornaments in cardboard-stones of the ceiling, the woodwork sculptured on lime tree wood and the frame of marble fireplace, the whole in the style of Louis XVI" as J-P Samoyault indicates.

He participated in several Exhibitions: in 1849, he obtained the silver medal and, in London in 1851, a second-class medal. He left the company to his elder son in 1869. The inventory made after his death revealed how much it was significant: a comfortable apartment with mahogany furniture and wooden sculptured but especially a workshop for prints, one for modelers, another one for sculptors, a laboratory, a study, and a showroom. All these specificities contribute to the value of this company.

For more information you may consult: Le mobilier français du XIXe siècle- dictionnaire des ébénistes et des menuisiers. Denise Ledoux-Lebard. Ed. de l’amateur.

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