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Thursday 21 April 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Daniel CHASSIN’s creations are unique because, they combine on a first hand brass and bronze and on the other hand satin and polished. Lines are simplified in this sculpture to get to the point and represent these animals with grace and magnificence. Furthermore, he favors global form despite of detail’s work. These animals, like this eagle that seems near to take flight, are impregnated by artist’s point of view and feelings that are translated in matter and in his choice of the instant represented. The artist expresses a realistic sober choice whose movement and dynamism are essential. Moreover, CHASSIN knows how to attach abstract and natural details because we can note some matter and color differences that beautify each surface in many points of view. Opposites link together and marry marvelously.

Daniel CHASSIN is also a monumental sculpture. Indeed, he realizes several of them for the city of “Ville-la-Grand”, in “Haute-Savoie”, France. We can notice one, “Le chat botté” (Puss in boots) finished in 2006. Moreover, he creates furniture, mostly tables which are in same esthetic than this sculpture. In this way Daniel CHASSIN is a multidisciplinary artist.

We can find Daniel CHASSIN’s sculptures in many collections, in France, Europe but also in the United-States, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. He imposes himself like one of the best animal sculptor of our time.

These sculptures are unique creations that are just work with his hands. It can be possible to contact Daniel CHASSIN for a custom command. Generally, price range for a CHASSIN’s piece can go to 1 000€ until 175 000€. In general, a piece which measure 30 x 20 cm is sell on the market for 12 500€. This eagle measure 28 x 58 cm high.

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