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BIENNAIS Martin-Guillaume (1764-1843)

Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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Born in Orne, he came to Paris very young to work for a tabletier.

He established in 1790 street Saint Honoré. The confident that he manifested to the young general Bonaparte, by providing in credit, contribute to a large part of his fortune. Between 1791 and 1802, he is just a tabletier and provides to Consuls installed in the Tuileries, games, gussets or brackets of shows. It was only later that he begin the creation of small furniture of a great quality.

He provides generally palace in table of games, tables et toilet furniture, desk of travel, writting desks and famous boxes. He signed generally on locks.

For more informations consult : Le mobilier français du XIXe siècle- dictionnaire des ébénistes et des menuisiers. Denise Ledoux-Lebard. Ed. de l’amateur.

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