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Friday 18 December 2015, by Barbara Cogollos

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Louis-Auguste-Alfred BEURDELEY

Louis-Auguste-Alfred resumes his father’s business in 1840 he transfers Louis Legrand Street, at the corner of the Italian Boulevard. Trade of furniture, art objects and paintings, he adds a restoration workshop which will be the starting point of the production’s workshop.

He thus contributes to the considerable growth of the family business. Beurdeley specializes in furniture design inspired by those of the eighteenth century and especially Louis XVI. He quickly becomes cabinetmaker the most famous in Paris, "endowed with exquisite taste, penetrated on Science and styles to a very remarkable degree," said a report from the 1867 Exposition.

Among his customers could see the Duke of Nemours, and later Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie. He frequently exhibites at Exhibitions where he receives the gold medal in 1867 with a series of Louis XVI style furniture. He leaves in 1875 the business to his son.

Alfred-Emmanuelle-Louis BEURDELEY

Son of Louis-Auguste-Alfred, Alfred-Emmanuelle Louis becomes his associate and his successor in 1875. He holds the same position and is able to grow the business. He specializes and excells in the luxurious copies of fine antiques furniture of the National Guard. He creates few original furniture.

Like his father, he participates and shines to exhibitions and win the gold medal in Paris in 1889 with many furniture and objects.

For personal reason, he closes in 1895 and sells his collections. Sales had to be spread over 4 years, 20 sales, totaling over 2000 pieces and 3945 furniture and art objects.

For more informations consult : Le mobilier français du XIXe siècle- dictionnaire des ébénistes et des menuisiers. Denise Ledoux-Lebard. Ed. de l’amateur.

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