The eye of the collector by Jean-luc Ferrand


Tuesday 31 May 2016, by Barbara Cogollos

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Pair of caches pots to animal and floral pattern enamel, ornamentation in gold leaf and gold dust. Dated 1897 under the base.

This pair of caches pots is quite representative of the techniques and style brought by Amédée de Caranza on his arrival at Vieillard factory and company in Bordeaux in 1878. Prolific engineer and man of taste, Caranza introduced enamels in relief and decorations with the gold leaf or gold dust. At that time, Caranza inspired both Japanese and Moorish decor.

The use of gold dust creates a conflict with the Vieillard brothers that Caranza finally left.
We finds his trace in 1886 in the newspaper "La Gironde" which refers to an enamelled glass studio opened by Caranza.

After this mention of the artist in the newspaper, there is very little information about Caranza, the Bordeaux city archives were destroyed in 1918. But we know that after the glass, Caranza was interested in new ceramics and worked with Clément Massier in Vallauris. This is certainly of this collaboration which is the outcome of our pair of caches pots . Indeed, typical decorations supported by the relief enamel and the use of gold testify it.

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